• Elle Rene

Letter (Amvaria)

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

A letter found on the rotted corpse of a Taient message-boy. It reads as follows:

If you get this, the time is now.

The elder brother's gaze has turned East, the maister's conflict drawn him away. The younger occupied with matters of the heart, a Culvrig boy who has torn his usual iron focus to shreds.

He spends his nights at the forest's edge. Unguarded. Returns only when the second moon is hidden in the sky.

I know your orders were to watch, to wait, to bide my time until the Chant was in a better place, but I followed him. I know where he waits. There will be no better time, no moment as perfect as this when the two are not of one mind.

The younger is the elder’s rock. Without Shoal, Ein will fail. Let the younger fall and the elder falter, and should the task prove difficult, the Culvrig boy still remains.

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